About us

At Skywalker, we believe that the application and development of the blockchain technology stack can be the basis for changing the economic form, cultural transmission and value standard in the next stage of human civilization. Moreover, with the iterative development of the distributed technology and cryptography in the next decade, we also firmly believe that the blockchain world is at the key turning point of transition to specific social production activities, so that we can embrace a smarter,safer and more independent future.

With our unique and powerful resources, we have deployed a perfect blockchain ecological matrix and established a vigorous encryption fund to manage more than US $16 million of assets.
We have deployed a perfect blockchain ecological matrix, established a vigorous encryption fund.
Not only do we have a close cooperative relationship with the most prospective entrepreneurs and top investors in the field of block economy, but with the multi-dimensional ecological matrix, we provide financing channels for promising start-ups and provide enabling value-added resources such as in-depth value popularization inside and outside the industry for the projects we participate in. In this way, we will let these companies’ team and their innovation drive the field forward in a positive and meaningful way.